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Tips for Seeking Out Indianapolis-Area Municipal Resources for Small Businesses


Tips for Seeking Out Indianapolis-Area Municipal Resources for Small Businesses

The word ‘resources’ makes an impact on audiences but let’s be honest – unless the resources are useful, it’s just like any other word. But what if the resources added value to your team, created opportunities for your business to grow and increased your leadership abilities? What if the resources were all within reach? We did the legwork; now sit back and click your way into a better, brighter and more engaged organization.

For those who are civic-minded, connecting with your local government is a sure-fire way to become engaged in your community. Here in Fishers, our local municipality has opportunities for community stakeholders to participate in programs such as the 96th Street Business Council or the Nickel Plate District Business Council. Additionally, communities like the Town of Fishers, Town of Brownsburg and the City of Noblesville offer educational opportunities such as resident academy or citizen police academy for business owners, stakeholders and professionals like you and me to increase our understanding of our community’s architecture and produce informed citizens.

Connecting with your local government to guide conversations, discuss economic development opportunities or learn about capital projects as they are happening opens the channel for business owners and the policymakers to communicate more effectively throughout the planning process. Take advantage of these programs and more from your local municipality by going to their website and searching their program offerings.

As a small business serving our community and those surrounding, we love brick & mortar establishments. They’re part of the community, have tried & true business plans and are the leaders in today’s market. But what about those SBOs that are still in start-up phase and searching for a mentor? To increase the probability of start-up success, the right expert or mentor is essential in guiding these organizations through peaks and pratfalls. That’s where these top mentoring or leadership resources come into play, such as your local Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Director, or organizations like Indianapolis SCORE. Check out this resource link for contacts and websites.

Interested in what investors or mentors look at when evaluating startups success rates? Check out this recent Forbes article, which shares that the top 3 reasons they fail are a decrease in market need, a loss of start-up funding, or failure to have the correct team in place.

At any given time, a member of the Magenta Marketing Communications team has dipped a toe or two into the professional improvement pool. We are as excited as you about these community resources. Let’s get started together!