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Why we are excited about Magenta

Experienced and Friendly

Why we are excited about Magenta

We’ve been in business for over thirty years – a lifetime for most agencies. In that time, we’ve worked with really smart people, launched cool products, built standout brand images, designed innovative events and courted the press on several continents, not to mention traveled the world and seen incredible places. The sum total of this experience is a proven and repeatable process for solving problems – our superpower if you will. We’ve tested our process around the world and now we want to put that superpower to work in our community.

Magenta Marketing Communications is a project-based agency that provides strategic and creative services to businesses and non-profits of all types and sizes in Indiana.

We call it doing good work that’s good for the world.

In the chaos of the world today, I think it’s more important than ever to stay focused on the positive change we can make in the world. At Magenta, our purpose is to connect local business, from startups to tried and true enterprises, with their unique brand of success.

Welcome to Magenta. I hope you’re as excited to learn more as we are to be here.

Leslie Galbreath,

“I’m excited about Magenta because…

…it’s going to be great to get involved with local companies and non-profits and be doing work that has an impact right here at home”. (Jim)

…it will give us a chance to connect with local businesses in the community we work in, a growing city that is attracting a lot of attention for innovation. We will be able to apply our research driven marketing strategies to different industries and help shape what is going on in the area”. (Beth)

…the opportunity to connect with local businesses with a ‘boots to the ground’ perspective is always exciting because it empowers you to own every facet of a project”. (Mimi)

…I’m looking forward to the new opportunities to build relationships with local businesses, and to work on projects that will allow flexibility in design and development”. (Justin)

…I’m excited about working as part of the team on developing a new brand from inception and then being able to apply our creative knowledge to a new client base”. (Betsy)