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What Makes Your Marketing Sing?

What Makes Your Marketing Sing?

Have you ever been walking through the grocery store, saw a new brand of shampoo, and thought “I have to get that!” Not because you have used the brand before, or you know how the shampoo will work, but because of how the bottle looks – from the artwork, logo, and even the cute shape of the bottle. How do marketing agencies generate ideas for clients that drive traffic to their products that create brand awareness? Ever wonder what it really takes to make your product sing? In music, there’s a saying that goes “sopranos are a dime a dozen.” In my experience, what sets one soprano apart from the other are the three T’s, being technique, tone, and tenacity. Sopranos, as well as any musician, cultivate their craft spending hours in practice rooms, working to ensure they are at the top of their field.

The technique as a musician has to be spot-on as your colleagues, whether they are other soloists, chorus, orchestra or the conductor, are all counting on your precision in performance. Tone, or the color of the voice, lends itself to the role or placement a soprano has in any aria, duet, or essentially the vision the conductor has for the opera. And then there is tenacity, or drive for excellence and mastery of the most complex musical scores written. Musical score analysis for any lead role takes time and persistence, requiring precise attention to detail.

At this point, you might be asking yourself why a leading B2B marketing agency would be comparing musical analysis to marketing idea generation and branding? The answer is in the three T’s again. Technique, tone, and tenacity.

In marketing, the technique of each team member, project lead, or CEO is honed with a fine-tooth comb to create renowned marketing initiatives for its clients. Each project is launched after having been reviewed, tested, and passed internal quality control measures. The brand of each client is the tone, or the voice of the company, designed to sing to various audiences and stages. Each marketing agency works with their clients to reach across various platforms with combined passion and determination by strengthening their brand awareness and increasing their audience base, thus the final T, being tenacity, or the drive for excellence.

I once read a quote by Hans Christian Anderson, “when words fail, music speaks.” In marketing, if we take that concept and apply it to a brand, we would say when content fails, their brand speaks because brand awareness, content marketing, and digital journeys all work together. And, that is where our role with making the 3 T’s sing is vital in today’s B2B environment.