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Aligning Your Brand Through Web Experience

Aligning Your Brand Through Web Experience

Your brand and web strategies are very important aspects in creating a successful business, often adapting to social change and evolving to better serve audiences.

One of the most important facets of your web strategy is providing an optimal customer journey. Customer journeys provide understanding to how your customers think and molding your website to reflect their persona. Your website shouldn’t just be a mere collection of facts, rather it should tell your company’s story and guide users through an experience.

One way to accomplish this is to incorporate user scenarios on your website. These provide prospective customers with personas to identify with, and then create a realistic scenario in which your company can offer a solution. The Next Web describes the function of user scenarios as:

“Related to personas, user scenarios explain how the personas act when using the site. For example, ‘It’s Black Friday, and Sally the Seasonal Shopper has a long list of presents to buy online before work.’ User scenarios force you to explore the context in which the persona interacts with your product.”

This is more effective than just writing about your products and services. A web strategy is about the experience you’re creating becoming more meaningful and more interactive. This creates reasons for customers to dig into your brand and website.

User scenarios are just one way your company can further establish itself through web strategies. Even more important than user scenarios is that your brand should be consistent throughout all your digital marketing initiatives. Your web design must match your brand attitude on social media, and your content needs to coincide with your marketing emails. Each component of your digital marketing efforts needs to align with your overall brand identity. Create a brand voice for your company and stick to it.

Brand and web strategies with successful digital marketing campaigns are greater than the sum of their parts. The cohesion and consistency you develop will be far more important than your design elements or topics of your blogs. It’s important to make sure every aspect of your business is consistent with your brand. When you tell your story, people begin to connect.

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